Values of Water Play

Water Play: (Takaro Wai)
For the next few weeks we will be focusing on “Water-Play” including ICE.  Having the perfect weather promotes our chosen ‘Curriculum’ area that provides multitudes of learning opportunities.  We have included a sheet of the most important “Values of Water-Play” that we believe children will develop and benefit from.  We have also listed a few links and ideas in which you can continue at home, that can be fun for the whole whanau!  If your Educators haven’t already asked, we highly recommend sending your children into care with a sunhat, sun-screen and swimming attire.  Makes for much easier washing at the end of the day 🙂
*  Bucket filled with water and paint brushes (old house/fence paint brushes if you have any), and let your children paint the fence or house with the water.  Children love it and think they are being YOU and HELPFUL!
*  A big bucket or paddling pool filled with measuring cups/spoons, funnels, a variety of different sized containers.
*  A FOIL RIVER.  Here’s what you’ll need: foil, a water hose, and some odds and ends to send down the river! Lay out your foil on a gentle slope in your yard and fold the edges upwards.  Turn on the hose and put it at the top of your slope.  You’ll need to carefully push the foil down into the grass to get the water flowing.  The stronger your water pressure, the stronger the current!  Watch a piece of chalk float down the river.  Float pine cones down the river.