Newsletter July 2017


We hope you staying warm. close your curtains before dark to keep the warmth of the day inside. use a hot water bottle in your bed, when watching TV wrap yourself up in a blanket.

We have some educators that have got sick from caring for sick children, this is very unfortunate and the nature of the job as well. Please be mindful of them and keep your child home if they are sick. if your educator is unwell they will try to offer you another educator but sometimes this isn’t possible so when it doesn’t work we would like to remind parents that is their responsibility to find other care for their child when the educator is sick .


We are using Educa more and more due to the internet being easy to access. there is an iPad app that is called Educa touch you can down load and it will let you view your children’s portfolio like a book , you can even lock it so they cannot change anything .
Please take the time to go to your children profile and fill in the About Me page. it doesn’t take long and it’s a great way to look back on where they have come from and how they are doing. we also use this information to build a profile and help goal set for them and the educators, you can also access all of our polices on there as well.

Policies we are reviewing is : healthy eating policy and excursion policy
Please feel free to comment on the policy on Educa or email me directly charlotte@cherishchildcare.co.nz
Healthy Food Consumption Policy

To provide a place that promotes healthy food consumption and safe food hygiene practices.


• To ensure the health, safety and well being of children and Educators is maintained and protected.
• To promote positive attitudes towards healthy eating and mealtimes.
• Educators are advocates and role models for good nutrition and healthy and positive eating habits.

Daily Food:

• Parents/Caregivers provide their child with a healthy morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
• Children are encouraged to eat their ‘healthy food’ before they eat any treat type items such as biscuits.
• Children have access to water at all times. Educators encourage children to drink water, even more so, in hot weather.
• Parents should keep their Educator in touch with any allergies their children may have to foods.
• Educators will role model good eating habits such as sitting to eat and eating healthy food in front of the children. Educators are not to drink fizzy and energy drinks in front of the children.


• Cherish Childcare Ltd will provide a nutritious and healthy Morning Tea when it provides a collective Playgroup.
• Educators are encouraged to sit with the children and model good eating habits and positive attitudes towards healthy eating at Morning Tea at Playgroup.
• All extra food and drink supplied to children should be noted down in the Educators Daily Diary for that day and the Parent/Caregiver is to sign for this at the end of the day.

Food Hygiene:

• Educators and children must wash their hands before eating or handling food.
• Food is stored in the fridge (at 4 degrees Celsius) if required.
• Children may not share drink bottles or cups.

Excursion Procedures Policy

Excursions outside the Educator’s homes are a valuable aspect of the curriculum.
The inherent risks involved in outings and excursions from the Educator’s home must be managed to uphold the safety and well-being of children and Educators.

To provide children with safe and well managed opportunities to visit places of interest in the local and wider community.
To extend children’s learning through exploring our natural environment and community.
Children and their families will experience an environment where connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended.


Regular & Planned Excursions

The excursion basket is stored in the cherish office. It contains: a First Aid kit, wet wipes,
Camera, pen and a notebook, cups and a bottle of water.
Visiting Teachers and Educators will take a mobile phone with them on all excursions.
Including the need for food, water, sunscreen, sunhats, jackets etc.
Any medication required by specific children will be taken eg. Epipen, inhalers and are Childs Educators responsibility

All excursions are recorded in detail on a risk assessment and excursion in the daily diary, information recorded will be:
• The names of adults and children involved;
• The time and date of the outing and expected time of return;
• The destination and method of travel.
• Hazards

Parents’ written permission is obtained at enrolment for regular excursions

Individual written permission for special excursions will be sought prior to events. This
Permission will inform parents of day, times, event, location, means of travel and
Adult: child ratios.

Cars transporting children will hold a current WOF and registration. Children will be restrained in car seats and restraints as approved by Land Transport Legislation.
The educator must have a full license held that is current .