Fees &Subsidies

With so many childcare options available it is a daunting task to pick the best option for your family, but home based childcare is a growing sector that is becoming increasingly popular, especially for younger children.

In home childcare is a flexible option that allows you to have more say in who looks after your child and in the hours you enrol for. With small groups of children, home based care also enables a close and trusting relationship to grow between your child and their Educator, fostering strong emotional development and attachment.

What Does it Cost?

We offer  a bespoke service, with quality educators and teachers who are fully vetted by the Cherish Childcare management. In order to ensure all children have access to great childcare, we ensure our fees are affordable and that families have all the information they need to get subsidies they may be entitled to. The price of the childcare will also depend on your required hours and days you wish your child to attend and also be dependent on your local centre. To enquire about the fees please get in contact with us.

Family Discount

If you have two or more children enrolled with Cherish Childcare at the same time you will receive a 5% off the youngest child’s fees. This works by you paying the full fee for the first child and the reduced rate for the youngest child. We calculate the discount on the amount left after all fees, charges and any subsidies have been applied.


You may be able to get help with paying your fees through subsidies funded by the New Zealand Government. For further information, visit the Work and Income website or get in contact with us.

20 Hours ECE

The New Zealand government provides funding for 20 Hours of Early Childhood Education for children aged 3 – 5 years. This subsidy is not calculated on how much you earn or means tested, which makes it available to all 3-5 year old children who enrol with us. The 20 Hours ECE subsidy ceases when your child turns 6 or they start school.

Work & Income Subsidy

Work and Income may be able to help with assistance towards childcare costs if:

  • you are the main caregiver of the child, and
  • your family is on a low or middle income, and
  • you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and
  • your child has at least three hours of care a week.

There are different conditions and requirements that apply before assistance can be given. What childcare assistance is available to you will depend on your individual situation and the type of childcare your child is enrolled in. To find out further information, visit the Work and Income website.

What Are You Entitled To?

WINZ Childcare Subsidy Rates change from time to time. The best thing to do is to go to the WINZ website for the most up to date rates. Find Out More

Work and Income Childcare Subsidies are only payable from the date that the application forms are received by WINZ. Don’t delay, complete the forms and get them back to WINZ as soon as you are able as they will not be backdated if the form is received after your child starts care.

Once everything is all approved we can start using your WINZ subsidy to reduce your childcare payments. Remember we don’t approve WINZ subsidies, we can only administer them, and also remember that you are responsible for notifying WINZ of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your subsidy, such as your child being absent from care, sick, on holiday or changes to your personal circumstances.

The subsidies are explained to you in during our enrolment process in much greater detail if you are applying for a subsidy.