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We want the best for your child, just as you do. This is why at Cherish Childcare, we only offer experienced staff who take an invested interest in making sure that your child is well cared for, delivered an effective and customised curriculum that will enable them to grow, develop and interact.

As an approved Childcare Ministry of Education organisation, Cherish Childcare utilises the ECE curriculum Te Whariki. This ensures that your children receive a well rounded and proven educational experience.

We focus on small groups, amazing home environments, experienced educators and one-on-one care for a better experience for your child.

What We Offer

Why Kids & Their Parent Choose Us
Qualified Staff
20 Hours ECE
WINZ Funding
Flexible Times
Ministry of Education Funded
ECE curriculum Te Whariki
School Holiday Programme

Our main values

Our Philosophy

Participation in quality early childhood education where curiosity drives children’s learning through play. Curriculum will enhance and cherish individual strengths and interests through interactions and a focus on well being

Empowerment through relationships for strong foundations within the home environment and beyond, valuing open communication with family and whanau

Cherish welcomes Taranaki’s range of diverse cultures while connecting to the local community and Tangata whenua.

We cherish all children, whanau and cherish our Educators

OSCAR Program

Oscar Before/After School Care & Holiday Programme

Before/After School Care

Cherish Childcare offers both before and after school care at two locations, being Waitara Central and Puketapu Schools. Before school care is between 7:15am and 8:30am while the afternoon program commences at 3:00pm, finishing at 6:00pm

Holiday Programme

During the school holidays, Cherish Childcare offers an all day holiday programme at Puketapu School, from 7:30am to 5:30pm for children aged between 5 and 14 years of age. This is available to all children and families in the community.

How to Enroll Your Child with Cherish Childcare?

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